Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving

Overview of Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving

Step into the captivating realm of the Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving adventure, where both certified and non-certified divers are welcomed to embark on a breathtaking journey through the Aquaventure Waterpark's enchanting marine world. Prior to your dive, you'll receive an informative briefing from seasoned instructors, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Once geared up in your scuba equipment, you'll immerse yourself into the crystal-clear waters, unveiling a mesmerizing underwater paradise. Delight in the company of exotic marine life, from graceful sharks and elegant rays to a myriad of vibrant tropical fish. This extraordinary dive unfolds within the Ambassador Lagoon, an immense aquarium that serves as a captivating habitat for a diverse array of fascinating sea creatures. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders that lie beneath the surface, as you create lasting memories and connect with the wonders of the deep blue.

Whether you are a seasoned diver or a first-time explorer, the Atlantis diving experience offers a safe and unforgettable adventure. The package includes all necessary equipment and provides personalized attention from the experienced dive team. Capture your memories with underwater photos and videos available for purchase. For an extraordinary underwater escapade for Scuba Diving in Dubai, the Atlantis Diving experience at Atlantis Aquaventure delivers an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the enchanting depths of the Ambassador Lagoon, surrounded by awe-inspiring marine life.

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Highlights of Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving

  • Ambassador Lagoon Dive: Immerse yourself in the Ambassador Lagoon, a massive aquarium housing over 65,000 marine creatures, including sharks, rays, and colorful tropical fish. This unique setting creates an awe-inspiring backdrop for your scuba diving Dubai Atlantis.

  • Certified and Non-Certified Divers Welcome: Whether you're an experienced certified diver or a beginner, this experience caters to all skill levels. Certified divers can enjoy a more independent dive, while non-certified divers receive expert guidance from professional instructors.

  • Up Close Encounters: Dive alongside fascinating marine species, including sharks, as you witness their graceful movements up close. The opportunity to observe and interact with these incredible creatures in their natural habitat is a highlight that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Expert Instruction and Equipment: Receive a comprehensive briefing from experienced dive instructors who prioritize safety and provide guidance throughout the dive. All necessary scuba diving equipment is provided, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Underwater Photography: Capture your unforgettable moments underwater with the option to purchase underwater photos and videos. Preserve your memories and share the incredible sights and experiences with family and friends.

  • Spectacular Underwater Setting: The Ambassador Lagoon offers a visually stunning environment with its vibrant coral reefs, ancient ruins, and underwater tunnels. Dive through this enchanting setting, creating memories that will stay with you long after the dive.

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Atlantis Scuba Diving Videos

Experience Atlantis Scuba Diving

Dive into a world of wonder with Atlantis Scuba Diving. Located in the vibrant marine habitat of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, this experience offers a unique opportunity to explore captivating underwater landscapes. With certified instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and a variety of dive sites, beginners and experienced divers can discover the vibrant marine life of the Arabian Gulf. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure, where every dive unveils a new chapter of this aquatic haven.

Know Before You Go to Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving

Inclusions & Exclusions
Important Information

The scuba diving activity is available on Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Time slots are available every hour, providing flexibility for participants to choose a convenient diving time.

Please note that the activity is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, so it is important to plan your visit accordingly.

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  • Expert Guidance: Receive a comprehensive briefing and guidance from professional dive instructors.
  • Dive in Ambassador Lagoon: Immerse yourself in the stunning Ambassador Lagoon, an expansive aquarium teeming with marine life.
  • All Necessary Equipment: All scuba diving equipment, including tanks, regulators, BCDs, and wetsuits, are provided for your convenience.
  • Certified and Non-Certified Divers: The experience caters to both certified divers and non-certified individuals looking for an introductory dive.
  • Close Encounters with Marine Life: Dive alongside sharks, rays, and a diverse range of tropical fish for an up-close and personal experience.
  • Safety Measures: Ensuring your safety, the dive adheres to strict safety protocols and guidelines.


  • Transportation: The package may not include transportation to and from the Atlantis Aquaventure location. You may need to arrange your own transportation to reach the dive site.
  • Meals and Refreshments: Food and drinks may not be included in the package. You might need to purchase meals or refreshments separately during your visit.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred during the dive, such as souvenirs, additional activities, or services not specified in the package, are typically not included.
  • Underwater Photography Services: While underwater photography is available as an option, it is important to note that the cost of purchasing the photos or videos is typically not included in the package and would require an additional fee.
  • Gratuities: Tips for the dive instructors and staff are usually not included, so it is customary to provide gratuities based on your satisfaction and experience.
  • Dive Insurance: Dive insurance coverage is generally not included in the package, so it is advisable to ensure you have appropriate dive insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances or accidents.

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  • Group Size: Each booking allows a maximum of 6 people, ensuring a personalized and intimate experience.

  • Age Requirements: To participate in this activity, children must be accompanied by an adult, and the minimum age is 10 years old.

  • Water Temperature: The water temperature ranges from a comfortable 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, providing an enjoyable diving environment.

  • Identification Requirement: Please remember to bring proof of identity (such as a Passport, drivers license, or Emirates ID) to the Lost Chambers Ticketing Plaza. Failure to provide identification may result in the inability to participate in the activity.

  • Discover Option: For the Discover option, there is a dedicated instructor available for each visitor, maintaining a 1:1 ratio. Participants should come prepared with appropriate swimsuits and be ready to get wet during the check-in process. It is recommended that guests either understand English or have a translator present for effective communication.

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Where can I experience scuba diving at Atlantis Dubai?

The scuba diving experience takes place in the Ambassador Lagoon, which is located within the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai.

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Do I need any prior scuba diving experience to participate?

No, you don't need any prior scuba diving experience. The scuba diving in Atlantis Dubai caters to both certified divers and beginners looking for an introductory dive.

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What is the minimum age requirement for scuba diving at Atlantis Dubai?

The minimum age to participate in the scuba diving experience is 10 years old. Children under 10 years old are not permitted to take part in the activity.

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Do I need to bring my own scuba diving equipment?

No, all the necessary scuba diving equipment, including tanks, regulators, BCDs, and wetsuits, are provided as part of the scuba diving package at Atlantis Dubai.

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Is it safe to dive with sharks in the Ambassador Lagoon?

Yes, it is safe to dive with sharks in the Ambassador Lagoon. The dive instructors are highly trained professionals who prioritize safety and provide guidance throughout the dive. Strict safety protocols are followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Can I take photos or videos during the scuba diving experience?

Yes, you can bring your underwater camera or rent one to capture your scuba diving adventure. However, it is important to ensure that you can handle your equipment comfortably while diving and that it does not interfere with your safety or the safety of the marine life.

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How long is the scuba diving experience?

The duration of the scuba diving experience is approximately 25 to 30 minutes, allowing you ample time to explore and appreciate the underwater world of the Ambassador Lagoon.

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What is the Atlantis scuba diving experience in Dubai all about?

The Atlantis scuba diving in Dubai invites both certified and non-certified divers to explore the mesmerizing marine world within the Aquaventure Waterpark. Participants receive a comprehensive briefing from professional instructors before donning scuba gear and immersing themselves in the crystal-clear waters of the Ambassador Lagoon. This dive offers a chance to discover a vibrant underwater world teeming with exotic marine life, including sharks, rays, and a variety of tropical fish, creating an unforgettable and awe-inspiring adventure.

What are the highlights of the Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving experience?

The Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving experience offers a multitude of exciting highlights. Firstly, it caters to both certified and non-certified divers, making it accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts. Participants are provided with a comprehensive briefing from professional instructors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dive. Once underwater in the Ambassador Lagoon, divers are treated to a stunning display of marine life, including majestic sharks, graceful rays, and a diverse array of tropical fish. The crystal-clear waters enhance the experience, allowing for an immersive and awe-inspiring encounter with these fascinating creatures. Overall, the Atlantis Dubai Scuba Diving experience promises a thrilling and unforgettable adventure for all diving enthusiasts.

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